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Dr. Ramesh Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal loves being a General Dentist.! For more than 14 years Dr. Agrawal has been helping to enhance his patients’ natural beauty by creating a beautiful smile through his experience and vast knowledge in Orthodontics. He always says “I am fortunate and grateful to have found orthodontics as a profession. It is uniquely rewarding.”

He has crafted beautiful smiles for more than 3000 patients in 14 years. He earns his patient’s trust, on his commitment to practice with honesty, integrity and consistency.

He is a foreign trained orthodontist, with his clinical excellence and fundamental knowledge he achieved his Canadian General Practitioner license in the span of less than 1 year.

Services What I Serve...

Usually, when you consider getting braces for yourself or any of your family member; you might have imagined a mouth full of metal wires and your teeth engraved in them. However due to many technological advancements in the field of orthodontics, many different orthodontic treatment options are available but the traditional metal braces are still the most effective, trusted and widely used orthodontic treatment for correcting jaws and teeth for centuries.

Clear braces are similar to traditional metal braces. But because they’re made with tooth-colored materials, they’re less noticeable. Clear braces can correct the same orthodontic issues as metal braces, including overbites, underbites, crooked teeth and crowding.

Self-ligating braces use a built-in system to secure the archwire to the brackets. You may also hear this system referred to as self-ligating brackets. This ligation method is different from traditional braces, in which tiny elastic bands or metal ties are applied to the brackets to hold the arch-wire in place. These are called ligatures. When discussing self-ligating braces, it’s important to know that there are actually two types of self-ligating brackets: active and passive.

Empower 2’s metal brackets give you the choice of a fully interactive, fully passive, or combination Dual Activation system. Advanced Smile Technology: Empower 2 is designed with comfort and orthodontist’s treatment goals in mind. Each Empower 2 bracket is built to the highest standard with leading edge, high performance technology.

Crafted Beautiful Smiles
Practicing Years
Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile, and laugh as much as you breathe.
- Dr. Ramesh Agrawal